Omella's pricing

Omella's pricing

May 23, 2023
David Kopf

We believe that money and time are some of your most precious resources. We hope our pricing helps your organization keep as much of them as possible, so you can focus on your mission.

If you’re in a rush, here’s the gist:

✅ Omella is free for organizations who choose to leave tips on.

✅ Omella is also free for payers who choose to pay with ACH Bank Transfer (rather than credit or debit card).

✅ No monthly fees.

For example, if you collect $100, you keep $100.

Omella is free for organizations, supported by tips

If you prefer to disable tips, Omella will charge your organization a $1.99 platform fee per payment.

For example, if you collect $100, you keep $100 when tips is on or $98.01 if you choose to turn tips off.

Micropayments are free: Omella does not charge organizations a platform fee for payments of $3 or less, even when tips is turned off!

Payers always have a free way to pay with ACH Bank Transfer

Paying with ACH is completely free! Payers who prefer credit or debit card will be charged 3.49% + $0.30 to help cover fees charged by card processing companies. Remember: this fee is completely optional and always avoidable, as payers can choose to pay with ACH Bank Transfer for free!

For example, if your organization charges $100, a payer can choose between ACH Bank Transfer for free or they may pay with card for a $3.93 processing fee.

Advanced functionality

Recurring payments: On Omella, organizations can create subscriptions and installments for an additional fee of 0.5%. For example, if your organizations charges $100/month, the recurring payments fee will be $0.50/month.

💡 As an organization, you're in control: check and set your preferences on a page-by-page basis by clicking "Price Settings" (top right) in the Page editor.

Questions? Check the FAQ below 👇 or

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