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Professional all-in-one payments, forms and signatures.

Brought to you by the founders of

Brought to you by the founders of

Bring your Nonprofit into the future

Omella helps you save time and money by combining all payments, forms and signatures into one, easy-to-use product. Whether you are a non-profit running an event, an executive director running a fundraiser or want to ask questions for member registration, you can do it all on Omella and save on credit card processing fees.
The convenience and ease of creating program registration pages and handling payments in seconds have transformed my workflow. Previously, I had to rely on our marketing director for these tasks, and it was a cumbersome process with no visibility into who signed up or paid. With OMELLA, it's foolproof and simple, resulting in increased collections. The OMELLA team is responsive and helpful with any issues or suggestions. Overall, it's been a complete game changer for us in terms of collecting money and organizing our programs.
Danny Wolfe
We wanted a way to move into the 21st century - I have found Omella to be robust, simple and secure. Whether it’s a monthly subscription payment or a one-off transaction, I can set it and forget it. Ta daaa! What makes me most happy is that the customers are in control of their accounts so my operations team can focus on service quality and effectiveness rather than chasing after money. I’m so glad we made the switch.
Sarah Cooper
Executive Director
Omella has been a game-changer for us as a startup nonprofit. With limited funds, we must stay mission-focused and impact-driven, and Omella helps us achieve that. It's a cost-effective way to attract donors and community members interested in supporting our mission. Omella is incredibly user-friendly, from setup to fundraising and transferring funds to our bank account. It handles everything we need, allowing us to concentrate on our organization's vital work.
Kyle Benson
Executive Director

Stop juggling software, cash and paper forms like it’s 1999!

Imagine if Venmo, Google forms and DocuSign got together and had a baby - that’s Omella! 👶

Keep more of what you

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Designed for Nonprofits with pricing in mind

Save time, save money and look professional.

Eliminate Processing Fees

Keep more of what you collect, no monthly payments and payers always have a fee-free ACH option.
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Data Security and Privacy

All payments on Omella are encrypted, secure and have SSL with 24/7 fraud monitoring.
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Oversight & Control

Set group-specific permissions for club sponsors, coaches, music/ theater directors, etc...
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Itemized Payouts

Receive payouts via ACH, debit card or check with itemized views that breakdown earnings per club.
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See the Big Picture with Powerful Reports

Sort, edit, filter, search - use powerful reports that combine all the data and information you have collected. It’s easy to use and no coding is required.

We’re here for you 👋

Real people are here to make sure you get the support you need. Setup is fast and no IT or hardware is required. Questions? contact@omella.com or check out our help center.

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