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Brought to you by the founders of

Brought to you by the founders of

Bring your PTO/PTA into the future

Omella helps you save time and money by combining all payments, forms and signatures into one, easy-to-use product. Whether you are Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) selling tickets, a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) collecting membership dues or are a booster club running a large fundraiser, you can do it all and save on credit card processing fees.
Over the last few years our donations grew almost 10x. We knew we needed help to bring our campaign online with automation and live dashboards for teachers and parents. We connected with the co-founders of Omella, Brett and David and their team. They took the time to really understand our needs to build us a custom platform which allowed families to donate by credit / debit card and teachers to have live dashboard updates. We’ve had fewer errors over paper forms, auto generated receipts for tax deduction or corporate match, and daily wire transfers. Omella helped us to streamline the donation process and save countless hours of manual data entry and processing checks.
Diana Louie
Donation Co-Chair
What I love most is the time Omella saves. Previously, managing funds from different sources was time-consuming. With Omella, all money and information are centralized and tracked, ready for deposit with a button press. It's a huge time-saver for PTO treasurers. We discovered Omella in 2020 through a recommendation. It's incredibly simple; a button press, and funds are in our account. Brett and David are amazing—always available to help and offer honest advice. Currently, we're using Omella for another fundraiser, and they guided us in developing custom code for our website.
Roz Mokhtarian
PTO Treasurer
We are so happy we found Omella for our High School Basketball Booster Club! It streamlines everything and cuts down time in everyone’s busy lives. No one has to be responsible for large amounts of cash and all of our spreadsheets and accounting are in one place! We’ve used the platform for everything from online raffles, fundraisers, team fees to banquet tickets and camp registration all without any fees! It simplified everything and is saving us so much time.
Yvonne Foote
Board President

Stop juggling software, cash and paper forms like it’s 1999!

Imagine if Venmo, Google forms and DocuSign got together and had a baby - that’s Omella! 👶

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Eliminate Processing Fees

Keep more of what you collect, no monthly payments and payers always have a fee-free ACH option.
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Data Security and Privacy

All payments on Omella are encrypted, secure and have SSL with 24/7 fraud monitoring.
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Oversight & Control

Set group-specific permissions for club sponsors, coaches, music/ theater directors, etc...
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Itemized Payouts

Receive payouts via ACH, debit card or check with itemized views that breakdown earnings per club.
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See the Big Picture with Powerful Reports

Sort, edit, filter, search - use powerful reports that combine all the data and information you have collected. It’s easy to use and no coding is required.

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Real people are here to make sure you get the support you need. Setup is fast and no IT or hardware is required. Questions? contact@omella.com or check out our help center.

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