One-Click Templates

One-Click Templates

May 23, 2023
Deepak Jain

Whether you want to collect payments or information (or both), Omella now offers One-Click  “starter templates” to save you time. This way, you don’t have to create a page from scratch!

Using Omella Starter Templates

When you first log in to the Omella dashboard, you will be presented with 4 One-Click templates (more coming soon) on the top of your dashboard:

Each of these 4 templates is tailored to common use cases: Payments, Fundraisers, Registrations, and Surveys. You can choose any of these templates by simply clicking on the desired template and it will get added to your dashboard so you can edit it however you’d like.

Payment Template

Fundraiser Template

Event Registration Template

Feedback Survey Template

Choosing Omella Advanced Templates

In addition to the ‘Starter templates’ we also have a range of other advanced templates for Microschools hosted in our Templates section.

If you’d want to use any of these advanced templates, just email us at and we will copy the specific template to your account.

All this came from customer feedback so if you have any suggestions or want different ones, please let us know!

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