Real-Time Notifications - Receive Email Notifications for Payments and Responses

Real-Time Notifications - Receive Email Notifications for Payments and Responses

May 23, 2023
Deepak Jain

We hope this saves you time and energy! ⏰ 

With Real-Time Notifications, every time a payment is made or a form is filled out using your Omella page, the organization will receive an email notification with details of the form filled and/or payment made and the payer/responder will receive the same in their receipt. 

Here is what the emails to the organization and responders look like👇

Omella Real-Time Notifications for Organizers:

Our hope is that this saves you time and increases transparency. This way, anytime anyone pays you’ll know exactly what they paid for and/or if they responded in real time. 

Some neat features of Real-Time Notifications:

  • New email for every response: Receive a copy of all the answers filled on the form, right in the Email - though you can always access these from the Organizer Dashboard as well.
  • Quick thank you email button: Clicking on the Orange button will take you to your preferred email client with the ‘To’ email pre-filled. Note that we will also send a response copy to the responder by default.
  • Unsubscribe real-time notifications: Too many emails bothering you? Simply click on the “Unsubscribe here” link on top of the email and we will stop sending you real-time notification emails. The “Unsubscribe from all emails” link will unsubscribe you to real-time notifications and other promotional Emails (like newsletters) from Omella.
  • Attribution: We can now also tell you whether a responder came into your Omella page from your newsletter, scanning a QR code, or your social media page. More on this feature coming soon! 😉

Omella Real-Time Notifications for Responders/Payers:

This is what it will look like for responders and payers. This email to responders not only helps them with a confirmation that their form or receipt is submitted but also saves a copy of their response for future reference.

Neat features of Real-Time Notifications for responders/payers:

  • Branded Emails: The response emails for responders go out with your logo making it look professional.
  • Copy of response: As mentioned above, they will have a copy of responses in their inbox as an acknowledgment and for future reference. In case you are collecting payment, then the details of the amount paid will also be a part of the response.

We hope you are as excited about the Real-Time Notifications feature as we are. As always, feel free to email us at: with your feedback, suggestions, or questions!

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