Free Form Templates for High School Activities Directors

A 2021 study by the Illinois State Board of Education found that participation in two or more activities is more predictive of post-secondary success than one’s SAT score.

High school activities encompass a diverse range of extracurricular pursuits that play a crucial role in shaping students' academic journeys and personal development. From traditional sports teams like football and basketball to academic clubs, honor societies, and school-wide events such as prom and homecoming, these activities offer students opportunities to explore their interests, cultivate leadership skills, and forge lasting connections. The Activities Director, akin to the CEO of extracurricular engagement, is central to high school activities. Whether they use Omella directly to sell Prom tickets and handle check-in or invite their teacher-sponsors to run fundraisers, sell merchandise, or manage permission slips, Omella's high school activities templates are meant to shortcut form creation by leveraging what is already working well at the best run high schools in the country.

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